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Our HR services cater to a diverse clientele of small and medium-sized businesses.

From crafting employment contracts to providing expert HR guidance, and even aiding in key position recruitment, we offer comprehensive solutions that cater to your specific requirements.

Regardless of whether you require a partial or full-fledged HR solution, we have got you covered.

Our services

What does our HR and payroll services encompass?

Recruitment administration

  • Job posting and advertisement management

  • Resume screening and shortlisting

  • Interview scheduling and coordination

  • Background and reference checks

  • Applicant communication and correspondence

  • Application database management

  • Offer letter preparation and contract management

  • Onboarding assistance for new hires

  • Recruitment analytics and reporting

  • Compliance with hiring regulations and policies

Employee on-boarding

  • New hire orientation sessions

  • Paperwork and document collection

  • Benefits and payroll enrollment assistance

  • Introduction to company policies and culture

  • Workspace setup and equipment provisioning

  • Training and development scheduling

  • Mentorship and buddy programs

  • IT system access and account setup

  • Compliance and legal requirement briefings

  • Follow-up assessments and feedback collection

Employee exit

  • Exit interviews and surveys

  • Final paycheck calculation

  • Return of company assets

  • Benefits and insurance coordination

  • Knowledge transfer and documentation

  • Revoking system access and security clearance

  • Providing reference letters

  • Health insurance guidance

  • Exit documentation and paperwork

  • Offboarding communication to team members

  • Exit process consulting and support

Employee relations

  • Conflict resolution and mediation

  • Employee complaint handling

  • Performance management assistance

  • Grievance procedure development

  • Employee engagement initiatives

  • Workplace communication enhancement

  • Policy and procedure interpretation

  • Training on respectful workplace practices

  • Labor law compliance guidance

  • Employee feedback channels establishment


  • Needs Assessment

  • Strategic Planning

  • Market Research

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Problem Solving

  • Process Improvement

  • Risk Assessment

  • Performance Analysis

  • Expert Advice

  • Customized Solutions

Employee absence and return

  • Absence tracking and documentation

  • Leave request processing

  • Coordination of temporary staff during absences

  • Return-to-work planning and support

  • Absence trend analysis and reporting

  • Employee communication and support during absence

  • Compliance with leave policies and regulations

  • Integration with HR and payroll systems

  • Providing guidance on leave entitlements

  • Facilitating medical certifications and approvals

Tax and social security

  • Tax planning and strategy development

  • Income tax preparation and filing

  • Corporate tax compliance

  • International tax advisory

  • Tax audit representation

  • Employee tax withholding guidance

  • Social security contribution analysis

  • Benefits optimization within social security frameworks

  • Compliance with changing tax and social security regulations

  • Cross-border tax and social security coordination

  • Tax-efficient compensation structuring

  • Retirement planning with consideration of social security benefits

  • Tax credits and deductions guidance

Health care benefits

  • Comprehensive medical coverage

  • Dental care and orthodontics

  • Vision care and eyewear

  • Prescription drug coverage

  • Preventive health screenings

  • Mental health and counseling services

  • Employee assistance programs (EAP)

  • Wellness programs and fitness incentives

  • Maternity and paternity support

Contract and temporary staffing

  • Short-term staffing solutions

  • Temporary personnel for peak workloads

  • Contract-based skilled professionals

  • Specialized project-based staffing

  • Interim staff for employee absences

  • Flexible workforce for seasonal demands

  • Temporary-to-permanent placement options

  • On-demand recruitment for specific roles

  • Expertise in contract labor regulations

  • Customized staffing strategies

  • Rapid response to staffing needs

  • Tailored workforce solutions for diverse industries

Full payroll administration

  • Employee salary calculation

  • Tax deduction and reporting

  • Benefits administration

  • Timesheet management

  • Direct deposit processing

  • Payroll tax filing

  • Compliance with labor laws

  • Generating pay stubs

  • Handling wage garnishments

  • Recordkeeping and documentation

  • Resolving payroll-related queries

Training and development coordination

  • Curriculum design and customization

  • Training needs assessment

  • Workshop and seminar scheduling

  • Instructor and facilitator coordination

  • Learning materials preparation

  • Participant registration and communication

  • Progress tracking and reporting

  • Evaluation and feedback analysis

  • Continuous improvement recommendations

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