NomaD Consult are Business Advisors and Mergers and Acquisitions Consultants

We’re offering end-to-end support from deal origination to execution. We offer a comprehensive M&A process service and search for the best possible synergies.

NomaD Consult experts recommend

For the companies in the process of merger, split-off or acquisition

We recommend a company valuation for the purpose of calculating the exchange ratios.

We can assess the synergy effects of the merger or acquisition and the risks, creating different scenarios and advising which of them is the most optimal.

For the needs of the investors

We can carry out due diligence of the company’s operations in the process of its merger or acquisition.

After the sale, the NomaD team can offer business and tax consultancy to ensure comprehensive post-transaction services and high-quality support.

Our benefits

Reasons We're Preferred

Relentless Focus on Driving Value Creation Throughout Transaction

Our due diligence integrated with transaction planning and deep industry and functional expertise ensures deal value is realized or exceeded.

Speed, Action and Execution

Our restructuring heritage sharpens our ability to act quickly and decisively in the face of complexity. We focus on tangible results and sustainable, realistic solutions.

Focus on Change Management and Cultural Integration

Talent, culture and leadership are more important than ever to deal success. We develop cultural integration strategies to retain talent and create buy-in for the changes needed to drive sustained value.

Integrated Firm with Full Suite of Services

NomaD Consult combines operational, functional and industry expertise with financial accounting and tax services to optimize the value of every transaction.

Our services

Corporate M&A Services

1. Strategy

  • Define & execute M&A strategies that support growth & improve performance
  • Determine the most appropriate structure for the transaction

2. Pre-Deal and Due Diligence

  • Provide insights on the underlying value drivers – the variables that drive the value being sought in the M&A deal
  • Optimize every transaction's value. Avoid post-transaction surprises

3. Transaction Planning & Execution

  • Accelerate integration & seperation activties to capture deal value
  • Understand where and how to gain incremental value in the transaction.

4. Value Capture & Optimization

  • Help with operational stabilization, including protecting key customer relationships
  • Realize the full potential of your transaction & optimize performance post-deal
Other services we offer

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Accounting and Tax Services

Expert solutions for seamless accounting and tax management, ensuring financial compliance and optimization.

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IT Solutions and Services

Cutting-edge IT solutions driving efficiency, innovation, and growth for your business. Elevate your technology landscape.

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Recruitment, HR & Payroll Services

Efficiently manage your workforce with comprehensive recruitment, HR, and payroll solutions for sustainable growth.

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