About NomaD

NomaD is a dynamic consultancy, specializing in core offerings including incorporation, accounting, HR payroll, and licensing services. With a commitment to holistic solutions, we extend our expertise to encompass shared office spaces and more. Our seasoned professionals navigate complexities with finesse, ensuring seamless processes for businesses to thrive. As your strategic partner, NomaD empowers ventures through comprehensive services that foster growth and success.

Our ideas

Our primary focus is to add value to your business by offering practical and innovative solutions that can effectively manage and alleviate your concerns. At the same time, we also draw inspiration from the challenges your business is encountering.

Our concepts

Our forte lies in having a holistic perspective, where we delve deep into your business, technology, and industry to comprehend your unique requirements and objectives. We remain receptive and open-minded throughout the process.

Driven by our expertise

NomaD is poised to deliver a range of services that cater directly to your business needs

Incorporation and License Services


Comprehensive M&A Services


Shared Office Services


Accounting and Tax Services


IT Solution and Services


Recruitment, HR and Payroll Services


Add-on Services


Our Clients

Most of our clients are individuals and small to medium-sized enterprises, primarily based in the ASEAN region. However, we also cater to clients from various other countries, including Hong Kong, China, India, and many more.

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